Nabiha is an international musical star with hit singles such as “Animals”, “Bang that Drum”, “Mind the Gap” and "Never Played the Bass" all creating an international buzz as well as sitting in the top ten of many charts worldwide. Clearly, Nabiha is not only establishing herself but she has seriously upped her game and is become a true international presence on the live circuit too. Every move propels her to new heights and leaves the media and fans both marvelling and wondering if there is anything she can't do as well as what she plans to do next. It's Nabiha's distinct sound, along with her West African roots and her colourful upbringing in Copenhagen, that has shaped her sound and her style, and she has emerged as unique female figure in the world of pop, soul and electronic. Her sound, her style, and her story have made her quite the head-turner and she is on the verge of huge things.

Nabiha's history is thus: She released her first international album More Cracks, which saw the singer enjoying consistent success with a string of hit and Gold/Platinum selling singles and then went on to win the European Border Breakers Award, The African Achievement Awards not to mention several Danish Music Award nominations. She didn't stop there. In fact, she was merely starting. She quickly followed up with her second album, Mind the Gap, which included the hits "Ask Yourself" and the title track. The singles was also certified with gold and platinum status for streaming and download, and the album was nominated for a Danish Music Award as Pop Album of the Year, while Nabiha herself was nominated as Female Artist of the Year. Nabiha has received nominations at various prestigious award shows such as Danish Music Awards, African Achievement Awards, Zulu Awards and many more, in categories such as "New Artist of The Year," "New Talent of The Year," "Female Artist of The Year," "Listeners Hit of The Year" and "Urban Hit of The Year," to name a few. Apart from award shows and nominations, she has also toured with James Morrison, Jason Derulo and Jamie Cullum.