Booking Manager: Alex Mantea

Lexter grew up in Oxford in a place called New Marston. Since he was a child, his aunt, a piano teacher, would play for him, gifting him with an ear for music. At the age of four Lexter began to play and experiment with creating his own melodies. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own business, a bicycle shop in his garage, at just 14 years old. He went to study drama which contributed to his stage presence and audience interaction. As a result of his passion for music, the stage, dancing and admiration for artists like Michael Jackson, he became more involved in the music world and played in his first band UB40, while living in Ireland.

            Leaving England behind, Lexter went to Barcelona to find his way to becoming an entrepreneur. Lexter went on to perform in several bands. He formed the successful “Blue 4 U” group which produced  known hits such as “Livin’ in Jam,” which went to number 3 in the Spanish charts, and “Happy World” that went to number 1. Sponsored by the Trademark Estrella Damm, Lexter released the following solo projects before his first solo album which included “Sweet Sensation” and “We Can Share It”. His own album “Unbroken” also produced some hits such as “Jump, Jump!” or “Ain’t No Love”.

            In 2008, Lexter returned with the hit single “Freedom to Love” which has been a great international success. The single was chosen as “The Best Song of the Year 2008” in Romania by the prestigious Music Control. Also “Freedom To Love” was the chosen song for Sony Ericsson Mexico 2009 campaign. In October 2008 Lexter released another hit song and accompanying video clip titled “Peace & Love.” Those two singles went on complete a whole album. In 2011 Lexter joined the group Supermatxe, which provided him with a few shows round Spain, specially in Ibiza where he stayed temporarily as a resident. While performing live, Lexter uses a lot of energy which makes his shows special and appreciated by fans. It was also around that time that Lexter released another single “Jammin,” in collaboration with the Romanian DJ Tom Boxer, who was also rising in fame at the time. Lexter went on to Russia in order to collaborate on songs “Wonderful world” with Maxigroove and “Baby don’t cry” with Smiles. Also at the beginning of September Lexter launched the project “Money” with the young artist Yarmak from the Ukraine.

            Since 2012, Lexter has been part of the company GME (General MUSIC Entertainment) which  has been able to carry out the latest projects with the record label Clipper’s Sound. As a result in 2013, numerous songs were released such as “Summer Feeling”, his main successful hit of the summer. Lexter collaborated with artists such as J-Art on the song “Do Not Look Back,” with Jose Love on “If You Let Me Go”, with Teisha on “Take Me Higher,” and with Evelyn on “Lover’s Cry.” His last project in 2013 was a collaboration with Vince Magnata on “Eye In The Sky” and Italians Jenny Dee and Dj Jump on “King of the world.”

            2014 has been full of new projects and collaborations for Lexter. Some of those projects were with Varchun on “Saturday Nites,” Jan & Solo on “Feel so young,” Fonsi Nieto in “Breakout,” with female vocalist Romy Low in “Overload” and the latest collaboration with Jose AM in “I Am The Party” that leaves noone indifferent on the dance floor. The song “Forever,” in collaboration with Couples, has been licensed in Switzerland, and Germany and more recently in Sony Mexico.

Finally, we shall be adressing “Sweet Sensation (Never gonna give you up)” a current overview of the topic of Rick Astley with the personal touch of Lexter with world premiere in Russia.

 Lexter’s tracks are full of great love energy, highly positive emotions, and lots of hot exotic beats. His voice is exclusively beautiful (known as The Golden Voice), and his performances are always full of life.